Mistress Sheba

A courtesan. A pin-up. A queen. The stepford wife who you’ll happily submit to. There’s a reason why she’s called your friendly neighborhood dominatrix.

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Have you seen the seductress known as Mistress Sheba?

Mistress Sheba is rumored to have started off seducing Her coach when She was a cheerleader in college. She was given a lump sum of money to stay quiet and has been on the run ever since. Underneath Her quaint little suburban home, with a white picket fence and blue door, lays a dungeon that would make any slave squeal in delight.

While our agents have tried, they still have not been able to catch this brilliant black nymphomaniac. Sheba seduced the last two we sent, and according to recent reports, now have them held captive. Although we’re told they enjoy being held by Her, they’ve yet to reveal where she is exactly. Perhaps in time they will, and the secret to Sheba’s seductive charm will come to light. For now, the case of Mistress Sheba and Her talent at making people fall to her feet will remain unsolved.

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Atlanta, Georgia

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ext: 12342372

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Earl grey meets humiliation
Enjoy a classic afternoon tea with Sheba, only you’ll be locked up. CFNM.

Polish a Cadillac

Foot. Ass. Body.
If you’re seeking a black goddess to sacrifice yourself to, look no further.

Tender Lovings

Impact Play
Whether you require an over-the- knee spanking, or you want to be flogged to no end, you’ll be in good hands.

If you are more interested in writing your own specific session (with Sheba leading, of course), or you’re new to this and need some guidance, please let Sheba know in your message. Book a session by clicking here.

Any information on Mistress Sheba?

Questions, tips, and concerns can be sent to m_sheba@protonmail.com



Mistress Sheba is an Atlanta based dominatrix. Her interest in kink began from reading erotica that usually ended with someone getting spanked.

Since then, she’s found herself being not just a domme, but a vessel of repressed desire, a guide through the often chaotic waters of submission.

Sensual, beautiful, black, and charming, Sheba is a shining example of how beautifully multi-dimensional the world of BDSM can be.